CGN Homebuyers proudly buys homes in Suffolk, Virginia. Whether you are relocating, interested in a new property or embarking on a new adventure, we can buy your home from you for cash. In fact, we’re prepared to do this now, so give us a call today!

If you are ready to sell your house fast in Suffolk, VA, we are ready to give you a fair, all-cash offer. We accept all properties, regardless of their size, condition or location. At one point, someone loved the house and made it their own (perhaps that person was you!), and we know that we can do that again. Most of the homes we buy just need a little TLC, which we are prepared to give.

Facing a Difficult Situation? We Buy Houses in Suffolk, VA

CGN Homebuyers is a team of cash homebuyers that buys properties for cash. We commonly work with people who are in the following situations:

  • Facing foreclosure
  • Going through a divorce
  • Moving to a new home
  • Upside down in their mortgage
  • Has liens on the property
  • Downsizing

It doesn’t matter if your property is vacant, rented out, in need of repairs or even uninhabitable. We have the resources to fix up properties and resell them or rent them out to new owners. Getting cash for houses in Suffolk is even attractive to sellers who have nice properties but don’t want to go through the traditional selling process. With us, there are no realtors, no loans, no commissions, no inspections and no fees.

Sell Your House Fast in Suffolk

Selling a home through a realtor isn’t right for everyone. This is why we encourage sellers to do their research and weigh the pros and cons to selling their home with a realtor vs a cash buyer. You might find that selling your home to cash buyers puts more money in your pocket after all.

Here are a few reasons to consider selling your property for cash.

    • You don’t need to clean and repair the property. We buy ugly houses in Suffolk, VA. We buy pretty houses. We buy them all! All purchases are as-is, so don’t worry about dusting and vacuuming.


    • There is no need to find a realtor. With CGN Homebuyers, your home is sold for cash. Most homes close in one week, and no realtors are involved. Save your time and money.


    • You don’t need to show the property to buyers. This is a huge benefit if you or someone else is living in it. The only people who will see the home is us.


    • Only cash is involved – no loans or financing. This eliminates all the paperwork, red tape and waiting. Cash is straightforward. Loans are not.


  • No inspections to deal with either. Our cash buyers buy properties in as-is condition and use cash, so inspections aren’t necessary. We will know whether we want to buy your home or not.

We Buy Houses for Cash in Suffolk

If your dream is to get rid of your property and walk away with cash in hand, CGN Homebuyers can fulfill this for you. Our buyers have the money to buy homes like yours. With no fees or commissions, you get to keep all of the money offered to you. We can close when you want, though most people ask to close in seven days.

No matter what condition your property is in, and what situation you are facing, CGN Homebuyers is here for you. We have the means to help and we want to do so! With us, you can rest assured that you’re getting a fair, honest price for your home. Call us today to start the process. It’s the best time to sell a house in Suffolk!